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Innovation™ was founded in 1971 in Denmark by Flemming Højfeldt, who is still the owner and Chairman of the company. Inspired by his personal experience with the first production communities of the flower power generation, he started the company with a production of beanbags. For 15 years Innovation functioned as a supplier for the furniture industry, but at the end of the 80’es the desire to produce own design took over. A decision that started out with a competition among design students at the School of Architecture in Aarhus and ended up with a concept for contemporary sofa sleepers. Innovation USA was founded in 1991 and today Innovation™ is an international furniture enterprise with production facilities in Denmark and China.

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Two generations behind Frej The Frej design is a result of a close partnership between farther Per Weiss and his son Oliver Krogh Weiss. Frej is based on the original ideas behind the classic Danish furniture design's in the 50s and 60s which is interpreted in a contemporary style with a future aim. Frej armrest fits to Splitback, Asmund, Dublexo and Fiftynine - a modern multifunctional design for the everyday use.

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Packed with ideas of how to change the way of producing furniture, he started out in an old farm house. As one of the first producers in Europe of knock-down furniture, the business grew rapidly, and soon he had to find new and more efficient locations for the factory. The production was relocated to the city of Karup, right in the centre of Denmark.

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