Materiale: 100% lammeuld.
Vægt: ca. 1.200 gram
Str.: 135x200 cm

Vi anbefaler rens; men kan også vaskes i hånden v. 30o

Design: Kristine Five Melvær.

Kristine Five Melvær is an Oslo-based designer
working with tableware, lighting, furniture, textile
objects and graphic design. Melvær holds a Masters
degree in Industrial design and a Masters degree in
Visual Communication. She explores the subject of
object communication, bridging the disciplines of
product design and graphic design.
Melvær focuses on the communicative potentials
of objects as a means to create emotional bonds
between object and user. By searching for the
sensual essence of phenomena, she translates
these qualities into sensuous objects with a
Scandinavian simplicity








Kvam Plaid, 135 x 200 cm. 100% ren lammeuld.

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  • Størrelse: 135 x 200 cm.
  • Materiale: 100% lammeuld. 
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